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Mechanical Engineering


The Department of Mechanical Engineering at OmDayal Group of Institutions moulds engineers who strive for excellence in high quality education and outstanding professional services. This stream of engineering has a lot of opportunities due to vast developments in the fields of Design, Thermal and production Engineering.

Mechanical Engineering
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Developing a unique academic and research ambience to foster innovation, develop creativity and generate excellence among students of mechanical engineering by imparting role-model education with professional skills interacting with industry all the way.


  • To provide state-of-the-art academic infrastructure to the students for their holistic development.
  • To provide faculty and staff with required qualification and competence to make gradual enhancement of the students’ overall academic performance by imparting quality education in Mechanical Engineering.
  • To educate the students with effective technical communication skill and the spirit of teamwork for facing intellectual and ethical career challenges.
  • To bring out the talent latent in the students to motivate them to develop their entrepreneurship besides framing their mind-setting to make them fit for industries.
  • To motivate students in the direction of research and development to derive optimum result of their inherent talent.


To develop the Department as a centre of excellence in the field of Mechanical Engineering in the next 5 years.


Program Educational Objectives for Mechanical Engineering are:

  • To impart theoretical knowledge and practical training on various subjects of Mechanical Engineering to students for making them technically sound and fit for the industry.
  • To prepare students for successful careers in industry, academics, and research.
  • To promote teamwork among the students, which is essential for running an industry.
  • To provide a sound mathematical, scientific and engineering back up for the students, which is essential for the formulation, analysis and solving engineering problems.
  • To provide opportunities for the students to work in the multidiscipline field of engineering so as to enlarge the ability among the students to understand the different industrial environments.
  • To promote student awareness and commitment to lifelong learning & professional ethics during the course of professional practice.


  • The Mechanical Engineering graduates will have ability
  • Engineering Knowledge: To apply fundamental concepts of mechanical engineering to solve in-field engineering problems.
  • Problem Analysis: To make objective analysis of the real life problems for finding the required solutions.
  • Design / Development of Solutions: To design and conduct experiments within the limit of our capacity, model and analyse physical system, components, or process to meet desired needs.
  • Modern Tool Usage: To use modern engineering techniques, skills and computing tools necessary for solving engineering problems.
  • The Engineer and Society: To predict the impact of engineering solutions in both national and global levels and their effect on our society.
  • Environment & Sustainability: To perform design process economically and eco-friendly basis with the objective to retain sustainability on long term basis.
  • Ethics: To wed professionalism with ethical responsibility.
  • Individual and Team Work: To work as a team on practical assignments and projects to enhance interpersonal and leadership skills.
  • Communication: To communicate effectively through slides, video-conference, engineering drawing, written reports and oral presentations etc.
  • Life-long Learning: To recognize the need for and an ability to engage in life-long learning.

Labs & Workshops

The department boasts of the following well-equipped state-of-the-art laboratories and workshops which impart practical training to the students to supplement their theoretical knowledge:

  1. Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulics Lab
  2. Applied Fluid Mechanics Lab
  3. I.C Engine Lab
  4. Applied Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer Lab
  5. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Lab
  6. Material Testing Lab
  7. Manufacturing Technology Lab
  8. Advance Manufacturing Technology Lab
  9. Machining and Machine Tools Lab
  10. Applied Mechanics Lab
  11. Metrology & Measurement Lab
  12. Dynamics of Machine Lab
  13. CAD Lab
  14. Workshop
  15. Drawing Lab
  • CNC Machine (Advanced Manufacturing Lab)

  • Window Air Conditioning Trainer (RAC Lab)

  • Pin Fin Apparatus (Applied Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer Lab)

  • Four Stroke Four Cylinder Petrol Engine (IC Engine Lab)

  • Francis Turbine (Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulics Lab)

  • CAD Lab


The students gain practical knowledge and experience, through class lectures, laboratory practices with latest facilities besides taking part in seminars, workshops, and various relevant projects. Students get first-hand knowledge of an industry, its operation, and control by means of several industrial visits and training. Over and above they are exposed to the latest developments in technology through participation in Technical Festivals in various premium institutions, lectures, and seminars presented by experienced professionals from the industry and by eminent researchers from other institutes.


Mechanical Engineering department gives special emphasis and attention in bringing out the new idea and concept through different kinds of projects by the students. Some of the notable projects done are Mechanical Arm, Vapour Compression Refrigerator, Fork Lift Controlled by Remote Sensing Technology, Go-Kart, Power Generation from Railway Track, Solar Greenhouse Dryer, Solar Pump, Solar Powered Air Compressor, Solar Powered Vacuum Cleaner, Pelton Wheel, Segway, Automated Conveyor, Ram Pump, Hydraulic Robotics Arm, etc.

Mechanical Arm : A prototype of industrial robotic arm has been developed by our students. It helps in material handling specially ‘pick and place’ in modern automotive industries, heavy steel manufacturing industries, etc.

Mechanical Arm

Mechanical Arm

Vapour Compression Refrigerator : A low cost small scale refrigerator based on vapour compression system has been developed for domestic application. The refrigerator is capable of maintaining sub-zero temperature in the refrigerated space.

Vapour Compression Refrigerator

Vapour Compression Refrigerator

Fork Lift Controlled by Remote Sensing Technology : It is one kind of Automated Guided Vehicle used for material handling in workshop, warehouse, railway station, airport etc.

Fork Lift Controlled by Remote Sensing Technology

Fork Lift Controlled by Remote Sensing Technology

Go-Kart :A simplified prototype of a four wheeler capable of carrying approximately 200 kg load has been developed using a single cylinder four stroke 220 cc petrol engine with simplified driving mechanism and chassis.



Power Generation from Railway Track :This project aims at generating electricity from the motion of train coaches on railway track. The power generated and stored can be utilised for signalling system, illuminating platforms, water purification etc.

Power Generation from Railway Track

Power Generation from Railway Track

Solar Greenhouse Dryer :A small scale experimental setup of solar greenhouse dryer operated on forced convection mode has been developed. It is used to dry various high value perishable products by the application of solar energy. It enhances the rate of drying as well as increases the quality of the product. It has considerable potential of CO2 mitigation.

Solar Greenhouse Dryer

Solar Greenhouse Dryer

Solar Pump : Solar pump is a portable DC pump that draws power from a 12V 1A battery which is charged through a solar panel set at a suitable angle to catch the optimum solar insolation. The pump developed by our students is capable of producing a discharge head of 10m.

Mechanical Engineering

Solar Pump

Solar powered Air Compressor : The prime mover of a solar compressor machine is an electric motor deriving energy from battery which is powered by a solar panel. It can be used to pressurize carbon dioxide to generate carbonated water.

Mechanical Engineering

Solar powered Air Compressor

Portable Vacuum Cleaner : A portable vacuum cleaner has been developed by the students of Mechanical Engineering Department which is very handy to move about for domestic cleaning purpose. It can clear dust, dirt, sand particles from nooks and crannies of domestic furniture and household items.

Mechanical Engineering

Solar powered Vacuum Cleaner

Pelton Wheel : It is a small head water turbine that generates enough energy to charge a 12V 1A battery by drawing water from a level of 10m.

Mechanical Engineering

Pelton Wheel

Segway : The Segway is a two-wheeled, self-balancing, battery-powered electric vehicle used to move across distances in open space. Generally it is used in shopping mall, airport etc. Our student built such a vehicle with a load capacity of 50 Kg.

Mechanical Engineering


Automated Conveyor : The concept of this conveyer system is to run the conveyor belt at loaded condition only. It will automatically stop when the load is withdrawn. Thus minimizing the power consumption. Our students used photo sensor and the master controller to actuate the movement of the belt.

Mechanical Engineering

Automated Conveyor

Hydraulic Ram Pump : Hydraulic ram pump is a device with which small quantities of water can be lift to higher level from the available large quantity of water at low head without the consumption of any electrical energy. Our students were successful to lift water at a height of 2.5 m.

Mechanical Engineering

Hydraulic Ram Pump

Hydraulic Robotic Arm : power generally used in material handling equipment. Our students made a prototype of the same by using water as the driving fluid.

Mechanical Engineering

Hydraulic Robotic Arm

Department Calendar

Odd Semester
Odd Semester For Ensuing New Batch For Continuing Batch
1 Commencement of Academic Programme 1st August, 2018 13th July, 2018
2 Admission activities (for ensuing new students) will be completed by 31st July, 2018 N.A.
3 Registration activities (for ensuing newly admitted students for the session 2016-17) will be completed by 10th September, 2018 N.A.
4 First Test Slot 14th & 15th September, 2018 14th & 15th September, 2018
5 Seminar/Workshop 4th week of September, 2018 4th week of September, 2018
6 Second Test Slot 16th & 17th November, 2018 16th & 17th November, 2018
7 Project Submission N.A. 20th November, 2018
8 Semester Practical Exam 22nd – 30th November, 2018 22nd – 30th November, 2018
9 Semester Theory Examinations 4th – 21st December, 2018 4th – 21st December, 2018
10 Inter Semester Break 24th December, 2018 – 12th January, 2019 24th December, 2018 – 12th January, 2019
11 Industrial Training N.A. 24th December, 2018 – 12th January, 2019

Results & Achievements



Results – Odd Semester 2018-19
(Department of Mechanical Engineering)
Total no. of
students appeared
Distinction %
I %
(<8 &>7)
II %
(<7 &>6)
Pass %
129 23.25 52.71 20.15 3.8 96.12


  • A prototype of industrial robotic arm developed by a group of students from the Department of Mechanical Engineering was selected for display at the Innovative Project Exhibition on National Science Day 2019 organised by MAKAUT (WB) and its Technology Business Incubator (TBI), EKTA Incubation Center. The group members are:
  • The following students of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, OmDayal Group of Institutions have successfully completed the C and C++ online course offered by Spoken Tutorial, 2017 (a project of IIT Bombay, funded by National Mission on Education through ICT, MHRD, Govt. of India):
  • The following students of Department of Mechanical Engineering, OmDayal Group of Institutions have qualified for various competitive exams:
    1. Abhishek Jana – Qualified GATE 2018
    2. Sk. Sharuk Mohammad – Qualified GATE 2017
    3. Pulak Naskar – Qualified GATE 2015
    4. Kamal Gharami – Qualified GATE 2015
    5. Arnab Singha Roy – Qualified Defence Service 2015



Faculty Members

Name Designation Qualification Experience
Academic Industry
Ramen Kanti De Assistant Professor Ph.D. (Pursuing), M.E (MECH) (Heat Power Engineering), B.Tech (MECH) 6 Years
Ranjit Barua Assistant Professor Ph.D. (Pursuing ) M.Tech (MECH) (Manufacturing Technology), B.Tech (MECH) 4 Years 2 Years
Supriya Adak Assistant Professor M.Tech (Aerospace Engg), B.Tech (MECH) 3 Years
Sumit Bhowmik Assistant Professor M.Tech (Aerospace Engg), B.Tech (MECH) 3 Years
Aniruddha Sarkar Assistant Professor Ph.D. (Pursuing), M.E. (MECH), B.E. (MECH) 6 Years 4 Years
Deepanjan Das Assistant Professor M.Tech (MECH), MBA (Operations Management), B.E. (MECH) 14 Years

Technical Assistants

Name Designation Qualification Experience
Academic Industry
Md. Noor Islam Sr. Technical Assistant Diploma (Mechanical Engineering) , Diploma (Mould Making), ITI (Fitter) 10 Years 29 Years
Debasish Banerjee Technical Assistant B.Sc (Physics, Hons), Diploma (Mechanical Engineering), AMIE (Pursuing). 6 Years 10 Years
Premchand De Technical Assistant Diploma (Mechanical Engineering) 7 Years 9 Years


Asst. Prof. P. Chattopadhyay

Books published

Name of the Book Publisher Year of Publishing
1. PROBLEMS ON HEAT TRANSFER M/s. Khanna Publisher
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for the Applied Thermodynamics paper of the 2nd yr, Mechanical Engineering students]
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Title of the Paper Technical Magazines & Seminar Proceedings in which published Date of publication
1. Cogeneration in Fertilizer Industry Chemical Industry Digest 1st Qrt. 1990 issue
2. Air Pollution in Fertilizer Industry & Control Measures -do- 3rd Qrt. 1991 issue
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9. Emerging Clean Coal Technologies -do- Special issue AUG. 1995
10. Emissions Control in CFB Boiler CFB Technology & Revamping of Boilers in India
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11. Design & Scale-up of CFB Boiler CFB Technology & Revamping of Boilers in India
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12. Hydrodynamics of CFB Boiler CFB Technology & Revamping of Boilers in India
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13. CFB Boiler CFB Boiler Operating Experience Circulating Fluidized Bed Technology and its Prospective Applications (2005),
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14. CFB Boiler: Design -do- Jan. 1—14, 2005
15. Emissions & Emission Control in CFB Boiler -do- Jan. 1—14, 2005
16. Orifice Meters : Make the best out of it THERMODYNAMICS & FLUID SCIENCE
(Proceedings of the Seminar held in Feb.5-7,2007 Jadavpur University
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17. Sizing of Orifice Meters: Graphical Method -do- -do-
18. Flowmeters: Selection of -do- -do-

Asst. Prof. Mr. Ramen Kanti De

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  • De, R. K., and Ganguly, A., 2014, ‘Thermal model development for forced convection solar greenhouse drying of Peas’ Proc. Int. Conf. on Advanced Materials and Energy Technology (ICAMET 2014), IIEST, Shibpur, Howrah.

Asst. Prof. Ranjit Barua

  • Barua, R., Dutta, S., Sarkar, R., Datta, P., Barui, A.,2018, ‘Design and development of Alginate: Poly-Llysine Scaffolds by 3D printing and studying their mechanical, structural and cell viability properties’, Proceedings of 2nd International Conference on Advances in Mechanical Engineering (ICAME), March 22-24, SRM, Chennai.
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Seminars and Workshops

  • A Workshop on “Industrial Automobile Application” was successfully organised by the Department of Mechanical Engineering, ODGI on 5th October, 2018. The aim of the workshop was to provide knowledge about present day automobile technology and its future objectives. Respected Speaker, Mr. Jit Dutta discussed the current research and development works going on across the world in the automobile sector. He detailed the advantages and disadvantages of present-day automobile technology. He further explained the emission norms or standards for
    vehicles across India (BSES) and briefly compared them with foreign standards. The presentation was followed by a live demonstration of a car (model – TATA NANO) in the Mechanical Workshop.

    Workshop on Industrial Automobile Application
  • A quiz competition on “Engineering and Technology in India” was organised by Department of Mechanical Engineering, ODGI on 26th September 2018. The event was organised as a part of the co-curricular activities under Students’ Chapter of The Institute of Engineers (India). A small talk on various aspects of the development of Engineering and Technology in India was delivered by Mr. Parthasarathi Chattopadhyay (MIE).
    Quiz on Engineering and Technology in India
  • A seminar on “Applications of Solar Energy for Controlled Environment Cultivation and Food Preservation” was organised by the Department of Mechanical Engineering, ODGI on 27th February, 2018. The aim of the seminar was to make the students aware of the utilization of solar greenhouse technology for protected cultivation and solar cold storage technology for food preservation. Respected Speaker, Dr. Aritra Ganguly [Associate Professor, ME Department, IIEST (Shibpur)], discussed the application of solar greenhouse technology in protected cultivation of rose flowers round the year. The need and viability of solar supported cold storage facilities for short and long term food preservation were also discussed.
    Seminar on Applications of Solar Energy for Controlled Environment Cultivation and Food Preservation
  • A workshop on ‘Recent Advances in Non-Conventional Machining’ was organised by the Department of Mechanical Engineering, ODGI on 30th August, 2017. The aim of the workshop was to make the students aware of the non-conventional/traditional machining processes in modern industrial approach. Respected Speaker, Mr. Sibabrata Mondal [Scientist – C, Society for Applied Microwave Electronics Engineering & Research (Govt. of India) – Kolkata Centre], discussed the principle, application and procedure of different types of non-conventional machining processes, as well as their advantages and disadvantages.
    Mechanical Engineering
  • Workshop on 3-D drafting named ‘Overview of Solidworks’ was organised by ME Department on 15th March, 2017 to make students aware of the drafting practices in the existing industries and use of design software like Solid Works.
    Mechanical Engineering
  • A two-day seminar on “Overview of Industrial Design and Carbide Cutting Tools” was organised on 1st and 2nd September, 2016 by Mechanical Engineering Department. Mr. Shyam Sundar Mukhopadhyay, Executive Director (Engg.) of EMT Megatherm (P) Ltd. was present to deliver a lecture on design practices and standardization existing in Industrial design of equipment and machineries. Mr. Saranath Bhaduri, Vice President (Manufacturing) Ceratizit
    (I) Pvt. Limited delivered a lecture on manufacturing science and carbide tools.

    Mechanical Engineering
  • A workshop on ‘Non-Destructive Testing’ was organised with the aid of ‘Institute of Non Destructive Testing’ on 23rd September where dye-penetration test, ultrasonic test and X ray test on welded surface was demonstrate.
  • A one day 3D Designing, Scanning and Printing’was organised on 4th May 2016 conducted by M/S Srijan Creation and live demonstrations of 3D printing was shown to the students which is one of the latest trends of Manufacturing industries now a days.
    Mechanical Engineering
Seminar, Workshops and Conferences attended by Faculties:

Asst. Prof. Supriya Adak

  • Attended a Two-day National Seminar on Recent trends in Mechanical Engineering on 28thand 29th March 2018 at Future Institute of Engineering and Management (Sonarpur, WB).
  • Attended a five-day workshop on Research Methodology in Technical Education from 3rd to 7th July 2017 at National Institute of Technical Teachers Training & Research [NITTTR] – Kolkata.

Asst. Prof. Sumit Bhowmik

  • Attended a Two-day National Seminar on Recent trends in Mechanical Engineering on 28th and 29th March 2018 at Future Institute of Engineering and Management (Sonarpur, WB).

Asst. Prof. Ramen Kanti De

  • Attended a Workshop on Recent Advances in Automobile Engineering (RAAE) on 28th September 2016 at IIEST Shibpur
  • Attended a Workshop on Research Methodology, from 16th to 18th June 2016 at IIEST Shibpur.

Asst. Prof. Ranjit Barua

  • Attended a National Conference on “Biophysical Controls and Quantitative Interpretation in Medicine” organised by IIEST Shibpur (WB) on 7th September 2018.
  • Attended a Workshop on Research Methodology, from 16th to 18th June 2016 at IIEST Shibpur.

Asst. Prof. Deepanjan Das

  • Attended a 5-Day Workshop on “CFD Analysis of Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow Problems Using FEM & FVM” organised by IIT (ISM) Dhanbad from 3rd – 7th July, 2017.

Faculty Development Programs/Refresher Programs

  • Asst. Prof. Deepanjan Das successfully completed the NPTEL-AICTE FDP on “Effective Engineering Teaching in Practice”.
  • Asst. Prof. Deepanjan Das successfully completed and topped in the NPTEL-AICTE FDP on “Introduction to Abrasive Machining and Finishing Processes”.
  • Asst. Prof. Deepanjan Das successfully attended a 3-Day FDP on “Student Induction Program” from 16th -18th July, 2018, at Sister Nivedita University, Rajarhat.
  • Asst. Prof. Sumit Bhowmik successfully completed the NPTEL-AICTE FDPs on “Engineering Fracture Mechanics” and “Nature and Properties of Materials”.
  • Asst. Prof. Ranjit Barua successfully completed the AICTE-ISTE approved Induction/Refresher Program on “Developing Teaching Competency for 21st Century Learners” from 16th-21st July 2018, organised by Technique Polytechnic Institute, Hooghly (WB).

Industrial Training & Visits

1. Industrial Visits

  • The Confederation of Indian Industry, Eastern Region (CII – ER) organised a one-day Industrial Visit at “TEGA Industries Ltd.”, Raypur, South 24 Parganas, (West Bengal), for the students of Department of Mechanical Engineering (ODGI) on 10th October, 2018, under the program “CII ER Education Excellence Forum”.

    Mechanical Engineering
  • The Department of Mechanical Engineering organized an Industrial Visit at “DANGO & DIENENTHAL (India) Pvt. Ltd.” Jalan Complex, Junglepur, Howrah (West Bengal) for the final year students of Mechanical Engineering on 7th August 2018

    Industrial Visit at Dango & Dienenthal
(India) Pvt. Ltd., Howrah
  • The Department of Mechanical Engineering organized an Industrial Visit at “Manis Baking Solutions
    Pvt Ltd”
    food park, Dhulagarh (WB), for the first year students (Engineering & Architecture) on 7th September, 2017.

    Mechanical Engineering
  • An Industrial Visit was organised for the students of Mechanical Engineering Department at ‘Betterman Engineers Pvt Ltd’, Uluberia Growth Centre, Birshibpur (WB), on 13th February, 2018

    Mechanical Engineering

2. Industrial Training

Regular industrial trainings for the 5th and 6th semester students are organised to reputed industries like

  4. IOCL
  5. CESC
  6. WPIL
  12. SINTEX