Highlights of the Canteen

  • Good Hygien
  • Great taste and Excellent Quality Food
  • Great Ambience
  • Cheap and Affordable Prices

The two stored well ventilated canteen with adequate lighting facility in an open-air environment is a pleasant din of voices, opinions and fun over food. The eatables served in the canteen are prepared under hygienic conditions and are of excellent quality and a treat for the taste buds. The canteen cell manages the canteen, which in consultation with students takes care of different aspects like hygiene, prices, timings, services etc. Canteen functions from 8:30 AM to 10:00 PM to serve food to both day scholarsandfor those staying in hostels as well as the staffs. The food is served four times which include breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and dinner.


As many students come from distant places, it is essential for the students to have nutritious food and refreshments at affordable prices so as to participate in the daily academic activities actively. The college canteen plays an important role in this regard by catering the daily nutritional requirements ofstudents and staff members.

Our Goals & Objectives include:

  1. Providing wholesome and quality food at reasonable price.
  2. Creating an attractive and diverse menu to cater the nutritional needs of the students.
  3. Developing good and healthy food habits among students.
  4. Maintaining a good ambience and good aesthetics of the canteen.

Functions of the Canteen

The canteen is primarily responsible for serving nutritious and hygienic food to the students and staff. It also servesmeals to the students residing in the campus.

Functions of the Canteen/House-Keeping cell:

  1. The cell should ensure a healthy and safe work environment for the canteen staffs and housekeeping staffs.
  2. The cell should counsel and motivate employees on various duties.
  3. Canteen cell should monitor the hygiene and quality of food served in the canteen.
  4. The cell should ensure smooth and proper functioning of the canteen and housekeeping on daily basis.
  5. The cell plans, controls and evaluate the needs of the canteen for achieving long and short terms goals.
  6. The cell should decide the menu and items to be sold in the canteen.
  7. The cell should take referendum regarding mess food, service, prices of items in canteen.
  8. The cell should make every effort to make sure that wastage of food is reduced to a minimum.
  9. The cell should see to it that the Canteen Caterer and housekeeping in-charge takes appropriate and prompt actions on the complaints by inmates.
  10. The cell should ensure excellence in housekeeping sanitation, safety and aesthetics of the college premises.
  11. The cell should ensure the following chores to be done by cleaning staff.
    • i. Keeping the work areas, storage areas and common areas free of trash.
    • ii. Sweeping the floors regularly and cleaning it with disinfectants as and when necessary
    • iii. Dusting the furniture in the office, classrooms and laboratories.
    • iv. Cleaning the glass surfaces on regular basis.
    • v. Sanitizing the toilets by cleaning and disinfecting regularly.
    • vi. Keeping the walls free of cobwebs.
    • vii. See that the floors are not slippery during rainy season.
    • viii. Storing flammable liquids in sealed and spill-proof containers away from ignition sources
    • ix. Reporting and replacing any broken items


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